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I created Alcusiau in 2022, the result of many years of professional and personal work.

I always loved computers, technology, high-tech and even biohacking.

Just before High-School, and choose to make this passion a job, and after I was graduated I leaved countryside for 42 School (The original at Paris), making friends and incredible contacts before leaving for eastern France to work as Software Engineer in a R&D office of a access control Texas based company during 2 years, working with incredible coworkers on complexes and not common projects.

Today I would like to used my learning in my business, in some words:

When Alcusiau make a project, you need to know that your project is unique for us.

If you have particular needs, a simple idea or a complete roadmap, you can contact us.


Our office doesn't accept visitors and we work with secured devices.
Our email system is managed by a Swiss company.
This company is unable to read our emails and they are prevented by strict Swiss law to do that.
We always considerate security in our services and creations.
Also, your project is stored in multiples Swiss high security datacenters for more redundancy.


Your project will be taken care of by the company's developer, who graduated from 42 School Paris and created Alcusiau after a successful experience as a software engineer in a multinational access control company.
He also has a Google certificate in Digital Marketing.
Subsequently, anyone who has an interaction on your project is considered trustworthy, both professionally and ethically.
We do not delegate our work to underpaid interns or other compagnies and your communications will be directly between developers and you.

Alcusiau ?

Name origin

Periodic elements is used for Alcusiau name : Al=Aluminum, Cu=Cuivre, Si=Silicon, Au=Gold

The first question peoples ask about by business is the origin of « Alcusiau »

As you can see in image, the name is split in 4. « Al », « Cu », « Si », « Au », who correspond in periodic table of elements at « Aluminium », « Copper », « Silicon », « Gold ».

This idea came from a choice to not use a name containing « soft », « computer » or other relating computer words.

A chemist told me to combine computer with periodic table of elements.

Aluminum is used for computer cases, sometime for a full laptop case, copper is the main electricity transmitter component, silicon is used in processors and gold in some parts.